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What We Do...
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Must my facility be in the vicinity of a landfill or a railroad?

No. Once we comprehend your waste disposal needs, we can devise a strategy which will include both landfill and transportation options. 

Why should I transport my waste or special commodity by rail rather than truck?

Most railcars have the capacity to transport the payload of five (5) fully loaded trucks thereby presenting an immediate cost savings advantage. The railroads superiority over trucking, in the transportation of all commodities, is well documented.  


Is there a charge to set up the initial and continuing movement of my waste by rail?

No, all setup and transportation charges are figured into a per railcar, per container or per ton price that is provided within a written quotation for services to be provided.

What is the maximum quantity of waste you can manage and is there a minimum quantity required for rail transport?

Waste By Rail has shipped over Two Million Five Hundred Thousand (2,500,000) tons of waste materials since it's inception in 1992. There is no maximum or minimum quantity that can be managed and each individual project given the close specific attention in order to insure that it is transported in the most economical and safe manner.

What kinds of waste can be transported via the railroads?

All railroads are permitted to transport a wide assortment of waste materials and special commodities. The railroads currently transport, hazardous materials, hazardous wastes, solid wastes, radioactive wastes, explosives, and many other commercial commodities.

Will the flow of my waste or commodity be impeded or stopped if there is a service disruption?

Transportation alternatives ie; a change routing and or the use of truck are just a few of the adjustments that may be made to insure the any service interruption is temporary and does not create long term problems for the customer.

Are there any regulations or important import/export issues we should be concerned about?

Yes, regulatory matters are a crucial aspect of rail transport and are usually based on Federal, State and local laws. Waste by Rail offers guidance and knowledge about policy for most states.