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ECDC Environmental L.C. is Americas largest rail served landfill facility, owned by Allied Waste Industries.

Over 2,300,000 tons of waste has been shipped to ECDC by Waste By Rail, Inc. since ECDC landfill facility opened in 1992.  Located in East Carbon Utah, this unique facility is situated on 2500 acres of private land and is permitted for the disposal of over 300 Million Cubic Yards Non- RCRA wastes.

The ECDC facility can process over 30,000 Tons of waste per day through state of the art material handling systems.  It contains over 10,000 feet of railroad track and is served by the Union Pacific Railroad.  These Systems include a "Rotary Dumper" that dumps loaded gondola and hopper cars in a matter of minutes and an Intermodal Container Yard complete with a "Straddle Crane" and container "Top Handler.

WBR Inc. established two separate intermodal container terminals for daily shipment of waste to the ECDC landfill. We inaugurated the first utilization of export coal unit trains for backhaul shipment of industrial waste materials. Double-Lined Security:

Each cell at ECDC is double lined, exceeding Subtitle D requirements for RCRA non-hazardous solid waste facilities.  Protective layers include: